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AA2A and MA I/II Curatorship

This event is a first, both at HSAD and for the AA2A programme, for a student to curate the end of programme exhibition for the resident AA2A artists. The exhibition became a joint show with MA artists exhibiting alongside the two ‘artists in residence’.

The  is a difficult space to curate a show within, it is a working space, an entrance to the HSAD campus and it is a space where people gather, collect, eat and talk, therefore there are a number of restrictions for displaying work.

It is however a centre for the arts, and as aforementioned the ‘foyer’ is the first place of encounter for visitors to the HSAD building environment and should afford a sense of creative discussion, an ‘entrée’ into the creative hub which the building is.

Marcel Craven – 2nd Year MA VISUAL ARTS

Acting as both the curator and an exhibitor within this group show afforded me the opportunity to explore, through extensive dialogue with the artists and with their work, the rich and varied visual language, processes and contexts that went into the development of the work on show.

This discourse also provided an insight into the subtle and layered narratives which underpin the work and form the basis of a link between works which may on first view appear completely unattached to their neighbours.

These links go far beyond the work on show; they show the importance of both the Ma and the AA2A programmes within the structure of an art school, affording the artists involved the opportunity to further develop their practice and also the undergraduates to work both alongside and with the artists in residence and those reaching the post-graduate stage.

The works I have included in this show are explorative studies from both modules 3 and 4 of the MA programme, dealing with issues of hidden narrative-both purposeful and accidental, catachresis, storytelling and the philosophy of Absurdism.

The two assemblages Black Box 1 and Black Box 2 are travelogues, and form the basis of newer work which involves animation/assemblage/film – examples of this ongoing exploration can be seen at marcelcraven.com

The two prints Temporary and Another cracked actor are possible front and back plates for a book exploring man and myth again within the realm of Absurdity and the mundanity of modern life.

The Game of life is a possible frontispiece for a collection of diagrams, blueprints and other work revolving around the Myth of Sisyphus and its correlation with modern man, the game can be seen in an exploratory film/animation again at marcelcraven.com

The two ‘text sculptures’ are perhaps monuments to the importance of language within any given culture, they are fixed yet free metaphysically, they are grounded in the institutional shibboleths of learning and understanding and thus exist in ‘parameters’ and yet they are movable and ever changing.

These pieces entitled collectively ‘…in the absence of paper, pen and ink…’ are man-made and indeed machine made, as most ‘delivered text’ is, and play on the very human characteristics of enquiry and exploration that form the basis of our learning, whether manipulated or not, from birth.

It is this enquiry and exploration that forms the basis of my MA project and its development, discussing the ‘set power narratives’ – of which language is one, that are well cemented in our everyday life.

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Lou Hazelwood : Aa2a Artist 2012/2013, Hull School of Art and Design



When do I decide to keep something?

It’s often what I think about.

If I decide to keep something does its value increase?

This does not influence my decision on whether to keep something.

Should what I keep be of use to others?

Why would they care is the first thought that springs to mind.


Is display an intrinsic part of keeping?

The temporal knowledge is lost.

So does archiving become important?

I’m not sure I care re-interpretation is paramount.

What is happening then?


Sarah Pennington:  AA2A Exhibition Statement

The AA2A experience offered me the opportunity to develop ideas begun with a show at RED Gallery, which followed a 3month residency in the Outer Hebrides.

After 15 years away from university, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being back in a workshop with students who were keen to discover new approaches and to experiment with the processes available, and the technical support and equipment to develop my ideas.

Dance of the Shielings / Ghosts of the Lochs

The original piece used sheep scapula to suggest dancing women clothed by the colours and textures of the Island’s flora and fauna.  As my work often incorporates found objects, one of the key things I wanted to achieve through AA2A was to improve my mould-making and casting abilities.  Found objects are finite and I was keen to explore the creation of multiples, whilst removing the history of the original object – making the pieces more about the form and texture, positive and negative space than about its origin.

Mariner’s Tool

This piece incorporates a crab claw attached to an old tool handle and set on a book back then enclosed in a case – making the ‘useful’ precious.  This piece followed a collection of these claw/tools which were mounted together on a reclaimed wooden ruler which was more as it would be found in a carpenter’s workshop.

Anchor Stones

Made of lead recycled from a croft house in Ballallan, Isle of Lewis, the bowls were inspired by the stones which anchored the straw roofs of the traditional Blackhouses – a method of holding down the thatch in the gales which had been used since the Iron Age.  These stones, called ‘Anchor Stones’ or ‘Acraichean’, which hang from ropes, inspired me to consider what anchored me to myself in this wild and unfamiliar territory.

Rich Tapestry

In its second incarnation, this piece runs vertically rather than horizontally, and enabled me to learn basic Photoshop techniques.



Time Lines

This bone was cast to be incorporated into a piece about time and understanding of one’s place in the world – representing ancestry and alluding to divination.



Gaelic Associations

A collection of objects found on the moors and shores combined to make evocative artefacts.



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