Communication Breakdown


In a world of definitive texts, discourse and dialogue are the conveyances of understanding and, as a natural course, misunderstanding often follows. In all areas of human existence and the assembled frameworks we inhabit, communication both cements connections and dismantles our structured lives. Correctness and exactness are deemed to be mandatory, highly defined terminology to ensure a positive and harmonious co-existence is a predicate…’


ASEF – FORTHCOMING EXHIBITION – AFTER EURASIA – 2015 (a hypothetical set of arguments/debates)

A response to the above project outlines, discussing the possible reasoning(s) behind the apocalyptic end to the continent of ‘EURASIA’ – a hypothetical view, a selection of excerpts/extracts from a ‘defining’ handbook.


Porte manteaux, a collective that requires imbalance… ‘They cannot wear clothing that exposes their arms and must wear a manteaux, or overcoat of some type, that covers three-quarters of the body.’

Addressing and redressing the balance…


Define manteau. manteau synonyms, manteau pronunciation, … manteau; manteaus; manteaux; MANTEC; Manteca; Manteca; Mantech; ManTech Advanced Development Group;

Definition of MANTEAU : a loose cloak, coat, or robe ADVERTISEMENT Examples of MANTEAU <Muslim women in loose black manteaus.> Origin of MANTEAU French, from Old …

En d’autres termes, les femmes trouvent du simple foulard noue au coup, jusqu’au manteau, en passant par les robes, les jupes, les chemisiers, les pantalons, les sacs …


Addressing and redressing the commonality…



Connection becomes disconnection as…


Revised commonality…





A one minute response to terminological parameters of modern life and modern culture:

(Work on show Sunday 8th November, Studio Eleven, Humber St.)


‘…side by side in perfect harmony…’



A system designated to unification in commonality serves only to highlight difference


Adoption of difference becoming a predicate, inclusion and exclusion follow


Connection by a common thread, or many common threads, dissipated by terminology and classification and thus becomes a ‘burnt bridge’, commonality is split asunder; terminology creates the very distance its adoption proffered to eradicate.


arch over, attach, bind, connect, couple, cross, cross over, extend across, go over, join, link, reach across, span, traverse, unite 

affinity, association, bearing, kinship, liaison, linkage, relation, relationship

correlation, interrelation; materiality, pertinence, relevance; bond, link, tie; affiliation, alliance, union; identicalness, sameness; alikeness, community, likeness, resemblance, similarity; accordance, agreement, conformity, congruity, correspondence

variability, variance; incompatibility, incongruence, incongruity, incongruousness

connection, coupling, join, joining, jointure, junction, juncture

link, nexus, tie; interconnection, intersection; abutment, articulation, attachment; seam, suture; concourse, confluence, meeting; union

cleft, crack, crevice, fissure, gap, rift,

in, insider; big shot, bigwig, somebody, VIP; arbiter, arbitrator, conciliator, go-between, intercessor, intermediary, interposer, mediator, middleman, peacemaker

combination, combining, connecting, connection, consolidation, coupling, junction, linking, merger, merging, unification

agglomeration, amalgamation, blend, coalescence, commingling, compounding, fusion, intermingling, intermixture, mingling, mix, mixture, synthesis; reunification, reunion

applicability, bearing, connection, materiality, relevance, relevancy

appositeness, appropriateness, aptness, felicitousness, fitness, fittingness, rightness, seemliness, suitability, suitableness; importance, significance; usefulness

inappositeness, inappropriateness, inaptness, infelicity, unfitness, unsuitability; insignificance; meaninglessness, pointlessness, uselessness

business, dealings, interaction; exchange, interconnection, interrelation, mutualism, reciprocity, symbiosis; incorporation, integration, merger, unification; affinity, attachment, closeness, intimacy, rapport, sympathy; kinship, oneness, solidarity, togetherness, unity; colleagueship, companionship, company, fellowship; bed, cahoots, league

appointment, berth, billet, capacity, connection, function, place, position, post, situation

business, employ, employment, occupation, profession; work; office, spot; calling, pursuit, trade, vocation; line, racket; engagement, gig; livelihood, living; career, lifework, practice, duty, mission, posting, service, task…


The terminology we have adopted is both incorrect and ill defined, it bears no resemblance to unification in our frameworks of social assemblage, and it only serves to promote dissonance and distance. In its present abridged format, for classification purposes, it offers little to erase its ‘incorrect predecessor’, only heightens the awareness of polar opposites, widens the schisms of discourse and removes the bridges of connectivity…a highly defined ‘major and minor’ scale of disharmonious belonging.

Both of the above are also a personal response to Gustav Metzger, addressing his project of ‘possibilities of extinction’ – 04/11/15



I was asked to partake in a storytelling event hosted by ‘SEARCH’, the stories were to be of a ten minute duration, the theme was mental well-being/mental illness- in its myriad of guises; the story tellers of which there were five, myself included, met at regular intervals to discuss the themes and support each other for the ‘role of announcing’ to an audience.

I avoided these meetings, unsure where to begin; the invitation to participate had come in early May; by the first meeting I had opened various avenues of dialogue and simultaneously closed them, and besides this was a new group to me, lack of confidence and insecurity proved a stumbling block in my life-yet again.

However this precise fact of persona that I have dragged around with me all my conscious life, a trait others often mistake for aloofness, arrogance or indifference proved to be the rationale behind the piece of work I submitted. I was drawn to a point in my life when ‘a voice’ was presented to me, the term voice suggests a vocal manifestation, this was partly true but moreover it was a reactive dynamic, a response which enabled growth and continuance and more importantly, a sense of inclusion.

In short it was a moment, a moment that was underpinned by historical events and contemporary awareness, this moment of action occurred in my final year at junior school; it was an awakening, an addition of some factors and the removal of others-a redressing perhaps.

I won’t go into too much detail about the work produced (which is included in this post) or the environment that initiated it, the work should set the scene(s); I will however give a short appraisal of all, to set the scene in/on this particular playground, and the chosen apparatus which conveys my ten minute story and ran through all the others told at the SEARCH event.


CI – CA, this and that, the see saw is an apt vehicle to tour the hierarchical levels of social assemblage, a distinctive platform to discuss the ‘power narratives’ of human interaction. The ‘power narratives’ were predominant in the arena I entered as a small, thin, nine year old; I had long curly blond hair, porcelain skin and was often mistaken for a girl and as an added bonus I had a foreign name and was quiet.

The arena was an early 1970’s cultural powder keg, an all-boys school run by a dominant all male staff; the majority of these were all ex-servicemen, they had fought for their country, fought for ‘our’ freedom-and reminded us of this at every option. Corporal punishment was acceptable, by some more than others, a means of delivering the ‘freedom’ fought for in such a paradoxical way-a regime of suppression and bullying born out of the same.

I received the cane on my first day for asking a question, after being offered the opportunity to ask a question, this became the norm and continued through my four years within this regime, even though I was a straight A pupil throughout, kept quiet and just wanted to learn-I was not the only ‘victim’ in this scene, all were victims.

 Then one Sunday night at the age of twelve I was listening to the radio, the opening bars hit, the dulcet tones began…’I was Pretty Vacant’, although I was lucky to grow up with music around this was new, it was mine and I belonged.

There’s no point in asking you will get no reply, not anymore; the film is a relation of ‘imbalance’ and a response to this definition.

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